February 3, 2023

We know there's a lot of questions surrounding Olivia and her business. We posted Olivia's story and journey to Rocketbelly on our about page and answer some frequently asked questions here. If there's anything that we didn't cover, please feel free to reach out to us with your questions or submit the question in an email for us to answer here. We love to educate and share our story rather than have assumptions be made about us.

*Most Asked Questions (About Olivia)*

How old is Olivia?

  • On February 23, 2023, Olivia turned 11 years old.

Does Olivia go to school?

  • Olivia has been homeschooled since she was 4 years old. This is mainly due to her aspirations of becoming and actress, and the flexibility that homeschooling gives. Her family has also learned that homeschooling, when done correctly, can encompass a broader range of subjects than traditional schooling. Being homeschooled also gives her and her siblings the ability to travel and learn through experience.

How does a child own a business?

  • In Texas, there are no laws against a child owning a business and no age restrictions. The only trouble a child entrepreneur may have when establishing a business is the ability to sign contracts. They can sign contracts and legal paperwork, but as a minor, they are not fully enforceable. It is up to the other party to trust the child. We cover the steps Olivia took to get to Rocketbelly in the About page.

What does Olivia do at her business?

  • She comes up with ideas, decorate, greets customers, plays games with her customers and siblings, and draw in her free time. She checks around the front and keeps things organized when it is slow.

Does she do any of the cooking or cleaning?

  • Although Olivia possesses a food certification, she does not cook. Her parents are volunteering their time until business is steady. Once it is steady, Olivia will hire a full crew. Once in a while she cleans a window or two, restocks cups, lids, straws and wipes down tables if her parents are busy cooking,

Does Olivia keep tips?

  • Olivia basically keeps everything including her tips after bills are paid and ingredients are bought. She decides what to buy and reinvest her money in. She is saving towards her grand opening, future upgrades, future locations, and money for her future. For her tips, she decided to share some of that with her siblings and keep the rest for fun stuff for herself or to invest in stocks. Once the business is steady, more of her profits will go towards hiring employees. She also uses her funds to surprise her brothers with fun stuff and on fun outings with her family.

Does her parents take any of the money?

  • Her parents do not take any of her money and are volunteering their time for 100% free. Her dad works a good paying job that supports the family without the need to split profits. At a point when things are good, she wants her dad to retire from his hard working job and may share some of her profits at that point, but it would be far, far into her business, possibly when there are multiple locations to manage.

*Restaurant Questions*

Why are things unfinished/not enough tables/not enough chairs?

  • Olivia went through a lot of obstacles and ultimately lost everything she earned. Rocketbelly was created with the small budget she had left and help of donations from friends, family, previous customers, and even strangers on the internet. We are working daily to finish, improve, upgrade everything inside.

Why don't you offer more flavors?

  • We would love to! Olivia created dozens and dozens of milk tea flavors as a well as fruit tea flavors. Unfortunately the machines are close to $2,000 each, so we have to save for them a little bit at a time. Olivia plans on also having smoothies and slushies in the future, but with those machines going from $4,000-$6,000 each, they will take a bit more time.

What makes your teas different?

  • Instead of 100% pre-mixed powders we use a combination of ingredients. Some are organic, others are craft/artisanal ingredients that are very expensive to purchase. Our teas are brewed at double the strength and our drinks contain mostly tea instead of water.

Why is there only one size?

  • Because of the differences in how our teas are made and the high cost of providing unlimited toppings and toppings not found elsewhere, we aren't able to offer a bigger size unless we charge a significantly higher amount than other tea shops. Most other tea shops use a pre-mix powder and have the ability to charge only a small amount to upgrade because the differences in cost isn't great compared to ours.

*Merch Questions*

Do you sell your merch online?

  • Yes! We plan to offer our merch online once we finish creating the website. For now, you can inquire items directly through us by phone, email, or PM.

*Collab/Event Questions*

Can we host an event there?

  • Of course! We love providing our space for the community. The cost to book the restaurant depends on if the event is public or private, and how many attendees. Many times, for small public events, we do not charge a fee as long as the attendees are purchasing items/food from our restaurant. If the event is private, we will charge based on the day and amount of hours we need to close as well as what you want us to provide. (Food and or drinks included vs a la carte.) If the event has vendors, we charge a booth fee based on the day of the week and how large the event is. Please email, call, or PM us for more information.

I'm a vendor, can I sell my products at your shop/do a pop up booth?

  • We love to feature local vendors and charge a small vendor fee based on the day of the week you'd like to book, and if there is any electricity needed. We can also provide tables for a small fee as well. For entrepreneurs 13 and under, we provide the space free of charge because Olivia wants to help other kids like her. Please email, call, or PM us for more information.

I have an idea for a collaboration!

  • We love to hear your ideas! Please email, call, or PM us with more details and we'll see how/if we can help!

*Other Questions*

I am an influencer, would you like to purchase my services?

  • As much as we would like to pay for influencers, Olivia is still in her soft opening stage and with her losing everything, we do not have the funds to be able to pay influencers. If you would like to support Olivia and help her grow, we would appreciate it very much and try to help you in any way possible.

Is the area safe?

  • Olivia's parents have grown up in this area since they were young children. Before signing the lease, her parents talked to the landlord, shop neighbors, people from the neighborhood, as well as a police officer that has worked the beat for many years to make sure it was a safe place Olivia could set up shop. We also do not have any control of how the exterior of shopping center looks as we are just tenants. But we encourage you to not judge a book by it's cover.